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“Foard Panel offers exceptional services. Our business is about helping you make the best possible building; one that will last a lifetime and more.”

– Bo Foard, Owner

Services We Offer

CAD detail of a Foard Panel Manufactured Insulated Header

Structural Engineering

Our Technical Department can take your basic design and detail it for SIP construction. Our staff provides all the necessary construction drawings and can answer your engineering questions.

Otis Fire Department Install Structural Insulated Panels

Installation Experience

Our teams know how to fit all the pieces together quickly and efficiently while still making sure that all the details are right. It is the details that truly make a building perform as designed.

Product Performance

Our Team provides high quality product which continues to improve. With 6 Panel Types, 4 Insulative Core Types, and Professional Pre-cuts; we can meet the needs of any project.

Some of Our Work

Steel and SIP commercial structures encourage effective high traffic businessmodern, energy efficient, structural insulated panelsTongue & Groove with Structural Insulated Panels over Timber FrameStructural Panels and Steel for energy efficiencyStructural Panel Construction, RestaurantDrywall clad strucutral Insulated Panel commercial garageSIP and steel roof for modern design12.25" SIPs with XPS core, design day temp -50 degreesStructural insulated panel commercial building ready for businessHigh performance envelope for modern villa constructed with SIPsSIP High performance envelope for a high traffic businessStructural Insulated Panels energy efficeinct envelopeHigh performance envelope for resort constructed with SIPs12.25" SIPs with EPS core and rustic log cabin StructureHigh performence, energy efficient, commercial, residential structural insulated panel

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