Energy Efficiency

Foard Panel's Insulated Headers

Foard Panel’s Insulated Headers

Better Insulation Performance:

Save money every day while creating a comfortable indoor environment.
SIPs have only about 5%-20% thermal bridging as opposed to the 18%-35% of stick framed walls. Foam insulation offers higher R-values per inch than most other insulation. Panels do not settle nor are they prone to cavity air circulation both of which severely degrade the performance of stick frame insulation like fiberglass and cellulose. SIPs will save you money by reducing your heating and cooling loads.

Limiting air infiltration is a cost effective way to save energy:

SIPs as well as the combination of expanding foam sealant, SIP mastic and SIP tapes create a continuous air barrier.  These materials all have low air infiltration rates. This means there is less air transferring through your insulation and therefore, less air to reheat or cool. Foard Panel Buildings have been achieving very low air infiltration numbers for years. Below are a few projects that have been officially tested. They all have very good numbers.