Think Green

Before you build consider using SIPs.

More and more of our customers these days express an interest in being “green”. Some are simply concerned with saving money by being energy efficient, while others may be more concerned with the environment itself. In either case, SIPs can be an important component in a building’s design to achieve a greener outcome. There are many different certification programs available for people to follow in this quest today, including: L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), Energy Star, Passive House (Passivhaus) and Living Building Challenge, to name a few. If being “green” is a goal for you too, Foard Panel can help.
Think Green – Think SIPs
Energy Efficient Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) constructed

SIP Built Energy Star Project

  Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the most scientific method of measuring the impact of an object from the very beginning of its life cycle (material extraction) to the end of its life cycle (disposal). Several Life Cycle Assessments have been done to compare generic SIP construction with standard stick framed construction, see  The studies show that SIPs have far less impact on the environment over their life cycle than traditional construction methods.  
Buildings designed by Foard Panel include all of the necessary detail drawings that show how SIPs are put together and properly sealed for handling air infiltration, thermal performance and moisture migration issues. Simply using SIPs from any manufacturer may not get you where you want to be if the details are not designed correctly, or the SIPs installed properly.
We are listed in the greenspec directory for green building materials at We are a major sponsor of the Northeast Home Energy Rating System Alliance and a participant in the annual Building Better By Design conference hosted by Efficiency Vermont