Wire Chases, Pre-cuts, Routing, and Embedded Nailers:

While you can buy sheets of Panel and do all the cutting on site, doing so increases the onsite waste and time. We offer 3 related services to make the install as quick and easy as possible.
We will work with you to create panels with customized wire chases cut into the foam before it is laminated to the skins. These chases allow for easy installation of outlets and switches with minimal loss of energy performance. Our engineers will check to make sure that none of the chases are located in such a way to impact the structural performance of the building.
Foard Panel's Insulated Headers

Foard Panel’s Insulated Headers

Foard Panel knows that you are trying to get the best thermal performance you can, that is why you choose insulated panels. So, we can help further minimize the thermal bridging by making and installing custom insulated headers over all your windows and doors.
Send us your design and we can cut the holes for all your windows, doors and any other necessary cut outs. The pre-cuts are precise and accurate way to get your panels ready to build. We will also pre-cut gables and all the ins and outs to necessary to fit rectangular pieces into something more functional than a solid box. All our panels come standard with the routing for splines and foam chases on the long edges, but with pre-cut we provide the specialized spline routs for all edges that require them.
Panel Pre-cut, and Installed by Crane

Panel Pre-cut, and Installed by Crane

Pre-cuts cut the whole panel to the necessary size and shape, but to make it ready to put in windows and doors the foam core must be removed around the windows and doors holes to allow the wood frame to be embedded in the panel. Routing services allow you to take advantage of our experience to create precise construction ready openings. To finish off the pre-cut process we embed edge blocking for you around windows and doors or on corners and any other place we routed out. This saves more time in the field and helps to further reduce onsite waste. Letting us do it ensures that the process is done right with all the proper sealants applied to help keep your walls and roof air and water tight.
An unique service offered by Foard Panel is the embedded nailers, these are dimensioned lumber that is set into the foam during the lamination process. Fully glued in behind the skin these nailers are perfect for supporting ledger boards or if you have Solar panels that need additional support on your roof. This allows for lower roofs and decks to be supported off your SIP wall. This option greatly enhances the flexibility of SIP design and offers solutions to many design quandaries.