HERS Score of 1!

This is one of our high performance homes, located in Carrol, NH with a design day temperature of -90 degrees Farenheit and about 8500 HDDs annually. This 3,205 square foot home is heated with an air to air heat pump and stays toasty warm all winter. The heating energy required is 24,000btu/hr peak load and less than 3,000 kwh or 10,000 kbtu annually, working out to about $500 per year. That is a very impressive number for a house on the north side of the White Mountains! This house Just won the 2015 SIPA Excellence Awards. It is First place in the under 3000 sqft residential category and Runner-Up in overall residential. To see the award page click Here

This timber frame has 10.25″ EPS SIPs (R-38) wall, 12.25″ NEO SIPs (R-52), top of the line windows, and full under slab insulation to achieve a complete high performance envelope. Foard Panel crew panel install, combined with Garland Mill construction created a building that scored a 1 on the HERS scale (or 32 before the PV was added to the equation). With a 0.37 ACH50 and 199 CFM50 (0.035 CFM50/sqft of envelope) this home is about as air tight as is possible, well below even the Passive House Institute’s rigorous standard of 0.68 ACH50 or 0.05 CFM50/square foot of envelope. Five Star Energy Star Certified, this is one more example of how Foard Panel can help achieve an incredibly high performance building. If you want it done right, ask Foard Panel.

Below is a simple timeline of our construction process.