Structural Panel Projects

Structural Panel Projects come in many varieties, from tiny mobile homes to huge manufacturing buildings; and from traditional New England capes to Modern and Contemporary structures, SIPs can build most anything. Foard Panel is the only all-in-one place for SIP building we can take your basic plans and do the drafting, engineering, manufacture, and install. We can make most any specialty panels and work with any design. Our default joinery can meet Passivhaus air infiltration standards.
Large Structural Panel Home

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North Yarmouth, ME

This project is a complicated hybrid where Foard Panel helped coordinate, and built a SIP structure with the roof part timber framed, part plated truss, and part structural panel. Our design team did extensive drawings and engineering and detailing to make all the parts fit together in this beautiful home.For More Information Click Here      
Modern Mansion of SIPs and Steel

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Hampton Bays, NY

This project is a structural panel home with steel frame work to help support the large cantilevers and glass walls. Our design team helped engineer for the modern look. For a high quality design and innovative designs you need an experience design team and installation crew to make it all come together as imagined.For More Information Click Here          
Sweet Simple Cottage

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Woodstock, VT

This project is part of a community of small cottages built as affordable homes all. Simple designs built to last and be as affordable to live in as they are to build. With low air infiltration and high thermal insulation, they are very cheap to heat and cool.For More Information Click Here