Commercial Projects

Commercial projects are the fastest growing portion of our work. As energy codes require more and more insulation, many projects are looking for continuous insulation solutions so they can avoid the penalties for large amounts of thermal bridging. SIPs fill the need for continuous insulation with 94%-97% cavity Insulation and 3%-6% thermal bridging. Wrapping SIPs around steel frames or aluminum stud walls gives commercial projects the continuous insulation and exterior sheathing at the same time. Foard Panel provides panels for many large commercial projects each year.
Keene, NH Commercial Building

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Keene, NH

This project is a large public building in downtown, the first level is steel framed for a parking garage, while the second and third floors are structural panels, and open web I-joists. For More Information Click Here              
Restaurant in Brattleboro, VT

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Brattleboro, VT

This project is a restaurant on the water. With many windows and an intricate glulam beam roof structure it was carefully engineered and constructed to help minimize the winter heating costs of this beautiful restaurant.For More Information Click Here        
Commercial Timber Frame Business

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Reading, MA

This project is a farm stand that does large amounts of business all year round. Selling produce and other local goods. Timber framed with tongue & groove pine clad panels for a quick interior finish, this elegant structure combines the feel of a traditional barn with modern levels of performance.For More Information Click Here