Steel and SIP commercial structures encourage effective high traffic business modern, energy efficient, structural insulated panels Tongue & Groove with Structural Insulated Panels over Timber Frame Structural Panels and Steel for energy efficiency Structural Panel Construction, Restaurant Drywall clad strucutral Insulated Panel commercial garage SIP and steel roof for modern design 12.25" SIPs with XPS core, design day temp -50 degrees Structural insulated panel commercial building ready for business High performance envelope for modern villa constructed with SIPs SIP High performance envelope for a high traffic business Structural Insulated Panels energy efficeinct envelope High performance envelope for resort constructed with SIPs 12.25" SIPs with EPS core and rustic log cabin Structure High performence, energy efficient, commercial, residential structural insulated panel
Foard Panel started primarily working to create tightly insulated skins for Timber Framers in the ’80s since then we have branched out into working with steel frame commercial buildings and fully SIP built structures.  We have learned how to make Structural Insulated Panels work for everyone from trailer cabins to large manufacturing facilities and exquisitely detailed homes. While we do not have pictures of all our hundreds of jobs, we are providing a selection to demonstrate the breadth of our experience.