Foard Panel History

We recently found some old photographs of Bo Foard’s earliest projects. Bo Foard started as a Panel installer, back in the 1985. In the early 1993 he began manufacturing his own panels, while continuing to install panels. Foard Panel Inc. is built on the years of experience of Bo Foard and his workers. Foard has learned many important lessons from years of building experience.

1.) It is the People that Make the Difference. Bo Foard knows that if you take care of your people then they stay with you and share their experience with new people, making the whole company wiser. Foard Panel has several employees who have been here over 20 years and at least a third of the company has been here for more than 10 years.

2.) Measure Twice Cut Once. The time to figure out all the details is in the drafting department and pre-cut shop, is invaluable. The buildings go up much smoother with a little extra time and effort before the panels get to the site.

3.) A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Field. Our Success is largely due to our reputation for doing the job right. Our satisfied customers are our best advertising.