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Award Winning Observatory

The Gemma Observatory is a private observatory in Danbury, NH and has earned a 2016 Design Award from the Boston Society of Architects and the 2017 AIA Small Projects Award. Located in an area with no light pollution it is

Foard Panel Install

Here is a time-lapse camera view of our team installing a classic cape cod style home. It was built in 16 days at the end of December and early January 2017. Cold weather didn’t stop this install from being done

HERS Score of 1!

This is one of our high performance homes, located in Carrol, NH with a design day temperature of -90 degrees Farenheit and about 8500 HDDs annually. This 3,205 square foot home is heated with an air to air heat pump

SIP Studio Install

These are the Finished photos of a local artist studio designed, manufactured, and installed by Foard Panel Inc. Below is an amusing demonstration of how air tight a SIP building is. The air tightness of a SIP buildings is one

16″ Polyiso SIPs

The Highest R-value Panel we have sold to date shipped recently an R-90 16″ thick Polyisocyanurate SIP roof. Installed along with 12.25″ EPS R-45 walls, these massive roof panels will keep this Timber Frame home in Manistique, MI toasty warm

Redbrook YMCA

The Redbrook Massachusetts, YMCA is a recent commercial project. Foard Panel is installing 8.25″ EPS SIPs R-30 as a roof on the steel frame building. The combination of SIPs and steel can give great structural flexibility for longer spans. The

Foard Panel History

We recently found some old photographs of Bo Foard’s earliest projects. Bo Foard started as a Panel installer, back in the 1985. In the early 1993 he began manufacturing his own panels, while continuing to install panels. Foard Panel Inc.

Structural SIP Residence

This is a project finished this week (December 22 2014). Foard Panel did the structural design and construction documents for the Walls, Floors, and Concrete. This is an interesting project combining a walk out basement with a green roof, an

Structural Panel House Sandwich MA

This is a fully structural panel house built in 3 weeks from foundation up including 3 floor decks. Designed by architect Greg Delory and engineered by Fire Tower Engineered Timber.

Bethlehem Balance Yoga Center

Balance Bethlehem Yoga Center in Bethlehem NH is a small commercial building built to high performance standards. Foard Panel was deeply involved in the engineering and built the entire structural shell including the 24″ deep roof trusses and the interior

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