Building Science

Building Science aims to make buildings safe, comfortable and long lasting. Considerations are given to everything from snow and wind loads to proper ventilation for air quality and moisture management. Details are designed to ensure that all of these matters are addressed. Different geographical areas with different climates impact which details are used to achieve the best end results.
SIP built house interior joint taping

SIP House Built with Careful Detailing to Maximize Comfort and Performance

Foard Panel’s SIPs create a super-tight building envelope which increases your home’s energy efficiency. However, due to the high performance nature of our products, special considerations need to be made to ensure comfort and safety and to prevent potential moisture damage. Please refer to our Guide Books for Timber Frames Homes or SIP Homes and read the sections regarding Air, Thermal and Water barriers under the Building Science Tab above. Also, refer to technical bulletins below for more information about Foard Panel’s building science recommendations.

Technical Bulletins Section

Air and Vapor Control with SIPs pdf Siding & Roofing Systems for SIPs pdf Energy Code, SIPs & the IECC-09 pdf SIP Screw Capacities pdf SIP Spline Joints pdf Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), author:  Joseph Lstiburek

If you want even more information about how to build with SIPs we recommend this book.

Choosing SIPs is a great idea for a lot of great reasons, be sure to choose Foard Panel SIPs so you can take advantage of our understanding of how building science works.