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First Parish Church of Stow and Acton

Foard Panel worked in the cold of this past January to put on the SIP roof of the First Parish Church. There is a great video of the process of building the new church. Foard Panel Worked with Murray Brothers

Siding and Roofing Details

Most of Foard Panel’s experience and customer base is in the northeast. The best practices outlined here are based on a combination of our experience and our best understanding of building science. Since our geographical range of experience is regional,

Hilltop Montessori Barn

One of our big winter projects. Our part of the work is nearing completion so we did a round of inspections to make sure we are building to our own high standards and make a list of the details left

How to Choose Your Core

Beginning in the 3rd quarter of 2012, Foard Panel expaned from two to four different foam core materials. Our original core foams, EPS and XPS, will continue with no changes. We added polyiso (PIR) & Neopor (NEO) cores. This bulletin

Haystack Baselodge

Foard Panel Inc. has been working all this cold and snowy winter to help create the new base lodge for the Hermitage club. The luxurious timber framed base lodge will be completely wrapped in Foard Panel SIPs. Here are some

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