Delivery and Install


Our standard delivery includes self unloading trucks with trained operators. While we are based primarily in New England, we will arrange delivery to anywhere you need to build. We have helped build projects from Florida, to Nunavut, Canada.

Helicopter bringing Foard Panel  SIPs to site

Foard Panel:
Whatever it Takes For a High Performance Building


Our experienced installation crews can be hired to enclose your structure. Your Foard Panel project manager will coordinate your installation schedule.
What to expect from a Foard Panel installation:
• All wall and roof panels installed to Foard Panel specifications
• All window and door rough openings cut, routed, foamed and fitted with 2x blocking
• All blocking locations secured with nails or screws per Foard Panel specifications
• All spline connections secured with nails or screws per Foard Panel specifications
• All panel connections foamed with expanding spray foam sealant
• Exceptionally good housekeeping practices
• Crane supplied & operated by Foard Panel


When you are contracted for Foard Panel installation services, and our crews are not available, we will choose one of our certified subcontractors to enclose your structure.

What to expect from a certified subcontractor installation:
• A Professional install crew trained by Foard Panel experts
• A project that meets all of Foard Panel’s high quality specifications and standards
• Exceptionally good housekeeping practices


Many times, the most cost effective way to install panels is to have a Foard Panel site tech train your own local, skilled labor so they can install panels themselves. Site techs are available for one or two day training sessions; completion of job is the responsibility of your crew.

The responsibilities of a Foard Panel site tech Include:
• Reviewing panel plans and details for the job with your crew
• Training your crew on best practices and recommended panel installation techniques
• One or two days of on-site aid to accelerate your crew through the “learning curve”
• Answering questions and observing your crew in action

Tool Rental

The right tools are essential when installing panels correctly and efficiently. Foard Panel has the tools you need to get your job done right.


Linear Link Saw

The Linear Link is a modified, worm drive, Skil saw with a 14” chain saw bar. This powerful electric saw cuts to a full depth of 13” which makes cutting through most panels, even at 45 degree angles, possible in one pass.


This saw cuts to a full depth of 6-1/4” with a carbide blade. Many contractors use Linear Links and Makita circular saws in tandem; setting the Makita up for 90 degree cuts and leaving the Linear Link adjusted to a particular angle. Having only one or both saws is dependent on how much work you plan to do with them.

FOAM SCOOPE – for EPS and NEO Core Panels

L&H Branding Irons Foam Scoop

L&H Branding Irons Foam Scoop

Foam scoops are used to rout panel edges wherever 2x material needs to be installed. The foam scoop heats an element that melts the core material as it passes. Foam scoops are available in many sizes ranging from 3-1/2” to 9-1/4” wide. They can be adjusted to cut any depth up to 4-1/2”. These tools are a lot less messy, and less expensive, than mechanical routers but they also operate at a much slower pace.


Mechanical routers are custom-built body grinders with special cutting heads designed for full routs or spline and spray foam channel routs. Most contractors who do multiple panel installations will opt for a mechanical router over a foam scoop. Our routers are shipped with a full set of standard routing bits which includes set ups for 3-1/2” and 5-1/2” cores. If you have unique routing configurations, please discuss your needs with your Project Manager.


If you’re serious about getting the best possible seal when applying spray foam, consider stepping up to a Pageris Foam Gun. The gun is compatible with Foard Panel Brand Spray Foam and can be used over and over again. Unlike the disposable nozzles that come with “Straw” Foam, Guns regulate the ratio of propellant to product as the foam is dispensed. A consistent ratio means greater yield per can as well as a more uniform seal.


Foard Panel accepts Visa and MasterCard for tool rental agreements. The full purchase price of the tools being rented will be charged to the card. When tools are returned, the remaining balance will be returned. Additional charges for tools returned damaged may apply. Ordinarily, tools can be shipped with the truck delivering the panels. The costs for other shipping arrangements and return shipping are the renter’s responsibility.

Tool Rental Prices
Tool Weekly Rental Deposit/Purchase
Linear Link Saw $100.00 $750.00
16" Makita N/A $950.00
Foam Scoop $25.00 $130.00
Mechanical Router $100.00 $700.00
Router Bits $30.00 $175-280*
Pageris Foam Gun N/A $75.00

*Router Bits come in 4 sizes 7.25″, 9.25″, 9.5″, and 11.875″